Monday, April 1, 2013

"It comes with Office!"

     So I helped a poor gentleman set up his "new" laptop that he bought somewhere locally. While attempting to configure his Exchange account in Outlook, I noticed that it was a non activated OEM license. When I tried to activate it, it of course wouldn't.

     I explained to him that we needed to get a legitimate copy of Office installed before we could continue. He said he would hound the company he bought the laptop from as it was sold to him with Office included.

A while later, I received this:

Hi Piggy…

Well…the guy I bought the computer from finally came through for me…although I don’t know if this will “activate” the program correctly, although he says it will!

He sent an MS Office 2010 Disc, along with several instructions.  Here is what he’s asking me to do…does this sound right to you?

  1. Un-Install the MS Office 2010 that is on my computer

  1. Install the New MS Office 2010, contained on the disc he sent.

  1. After installing, open “CRACK” folder.

  1. Right Click on “Office 2010 Toolkit.exe

  1. Running as administrator, click on “EZ-ACTIVATOR” to activate.  At this point, how do I know if I am running as administrator, or will the set-up ask me?

That’s all he said!  Of course the disc he sent is not one produced by Microsoft….it’s just a DVD-R that he created.

Anyway, I would really appreciate your comments, and your opinion.

Best Regards…

Someone who apparently got screwed.

 I don't know, does that sound right to YOU?